Market watch - Mechanical and electrical


Presents a summary of a recent BSRIA analysis of the state of the M&E industry in the UK. States the total M&E output in the UK in 2000 was £6.4 billion for mechanical and £6.8 billion for electrical. Predicts sharp declines for 2002 in all areas other than the public sector. Notes the structure of the industry with most companies being either very small or very large and notes the division of work between market sectors. Discusses sources of work, the progress of partnering in the industry, procurement, best practice initiatives and whole-life costing. Discusses the largest companies. Supplies diagrams illustrating number of employees at firms of a particular size in 2000, source of work by type of firm in 2000 and importance of different Best Practice initiatives in 2000.

Primary Author(s): Anon

Source: Bldg. Serv. J. CIBSE, January 2002, vol.24, no.1, 10-11, 3 figs.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000102993 Abs 20020166

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