Evaluation of available correlations for rate of evaporation from undisturbed water pools to ...


States that calculation of evaporation from undisturbed water surfaces to quiet air is required for applications such as unoccupied indoor swimming pools, indoor water reservoirs, process tanks, etc. Notes that many correlations have been proposed for such calculations but none have had sufficient verification. Develops 11 correlations from sources in the literature and compares them to the data to test their validity over a wide range of conditions. Finds that the correlation Shah (1992) gave the best agreement with a mean deviation of 18.2%, followed by the correlation of Boelter et al with a mean deviation of 26.2%. States all other correlations had unacceptably high deviations.

Primary Author(s): Shah M M

Source: Int. J. HVACandR Res., ASHRAE, January 2002, vol.8, no.1, 125-131, 4 tabs, refs.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103034 Abs 20020205

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