A numerical study of external smoke spread in designated refuge floor


States a designated refuge floor is a prescribed requirement in the Code of Practice on Means of Escape of Hong Kong. Such a floor is considered as a temporary safe place in the case of fire or other emergencies. To prevent smoke logging of the floor, cross-ventilation is stipulated. Notes studies which reveal that smoke may spread into the floor under wind action. Presents a numerical study of the wind-smoke field for a refuge floor. Finds that the smoke effect is dependent on the location of the fire source, the configuration of the opening at the refuge floor and the wind velocity. Concludes this implies that the prescribed requirements may not be appropriate in some fire scenarios.

Primary Author(s): Lo S M, Chen D, et al

Source: Bldg. Environ., March 2002, vol.37, no.3, 257-268, 12 figs, 1 tab, 15 refs.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103039 Abs 20020210

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