Single-sided ventilation of buildings through shaded large openings


Reports a series of experiments to determine the impact of shading devices on the airflow across large openings with single-sided natural ventilation. To quantify this impact, uses the approach of the correction coefficient, already applied in non-shaded openings. Determines the correction coefficient and the corresponding Archimedes number experimentally. Determines the regression equations the establish the correction coefficient as a function of the Archimedes number using a regression technique that takes into account the errors in both axes. Estimates the combined standard uncertainties of the parameters of these equations according to the widely accepted guidelines of the International Standardisation Organisation. Presents the methodology followed in detail. Concludes that the proposed equations improve the accuracy of network models in the thermal simulation of buildings.

Primary Author(s): Argiriou A A, Balaras C A, et al

Source: Energy Int. J. February 2002, vol.27, no.2, 93-115, 5 figs, 8 tabs, 13 refs.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103055 Abs 20020226

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