Performance evaluation of R-22 alternative mixtures in a breadboard heat pump with pure ...


Presents the results of performance tests for R22 and four alternative fluids (R134a, R32/1234a (30%/70%), R407C and R410A) at operating conditions typical for a residential air conditioner. The study was performed in an experimental breadboard water to water heat pump in which a water/ethylene glycol mixture was used as the heat transfer fluid. The heat exchangers representing the evaporator and condenser were counterflow and crossflow, respectively. Presents test results for the system and presents data characterising the performance of the heat exchangers and compressor. Notes in particular the wide variations in the different fluid properties on the system's operation and performance. Also addresses the benefits of the liquid line/suction line heat exchange cycle.

Primary Author(s): Kim M H

Source: Energy Int. J., February 2002, vol.27, no.2, 167-181, 10 figs, 3 tabs, 14 refs.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103058 Abs 20020229

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