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Points out that the air in an office may be 10 times more polluted than it is outdoors. States a typical office will contain a couple of hundred pollutants seeping from furnishings, glues and paint, in addition to contaminants from photocopiers, cleaning products and even air fresheners. Describes an air purification unit for offices developed by Carrier that contains a catalytic converter designed to neutralise many of these harmful chemicals and which slots into an existing air conditioning unit. The unit is claimed to improve the air quality of offices by degrading noxious and evil-smelling molecules to inoffensive compounds such as CO2 and water. 300 of the modules are to be installed in an office block in the La Defense development in Paris. Illustrates the module, which comprises essentially of a filter, an ultraviolet lamp and a titanium dioxide catalyst, and explains its operation. Concludes by listing different types of pollution and what causes them.

Primary Author(s): Pearson A

Source: Bldg., 8 March 2002, no.9, 52-53, 1 fig, 1 tab.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103380 Abs 20020484

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