Radiant cooling panel systems


Argues that the dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) plus radiant panel approach is superior to all-air systems in the area of environmental safety because 1) no air is recirculated, so building-wide contamination from localised release will not occur, 2) since such a small quantity of air is delivered, the first and operating costs of using superior filters and other air treatment equipment would be less than that of all-air systems and 3) since the sensible and latent loads are decoupled, biological contaminant generation in the building elements is minimised or eliminated. Notes the further advantages of the DOAS being quieter, more heat is removed occupant's head and less at the feet and draughts are minimised. Not least, the system does not use recirculated air and any biological or chemical agents released inside the building are not transported to other parts of the building by the mechanical system but are diluted and exhausted from each space.

Primary Author(s): Mumma S A

Source: ASHRAE IAQ Applications, Winter 2002, vol.3, no.1, 20-21, 7 refs.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103081 Abs 20020252

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