An optimum design on the triple glazed exhaust airflow window


Reports a numerical study of the flow and heat transfer characteristics of a triple-glazed exhaust airflow window system using the finite-volume method. Exhaust airflow rate, solar insolation and aspect ratio were considered important parameters. States it was shown that space heat gain was reduced considerably by increasing the exhaust airflow rate. The optimum exhaust airflow rate and aspect ratio were suggested to be Re = 600 and W/H = 0.05, respectively. Notes some quantitative and qualitative comparisons between the airflow window system and the enclosed window system.

Primary Author(s): Kim M H, Yang W J

Source: Int. J. Energy Res., 25 March 2002, vol.26, no.4, 355-364, 5 figs, 2 tabs, refs.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103419 Abs 20020523

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