Plugging the socket gap


Reports that many homes in the UK have too few socket outlets to power an increasing number of electrical appliances, leading to the use of extension leads and unfused adaptors. Notes business opportunities for electrical contractors. Illustrates home ownership of electrical equipment in a table. In a further table compares the National Home Building Council's recommended low-level of socket outlets with the much more generous recommendations of the IEE's 1990 Guidance. Quotes a Copper Development Association survey which showed that occupants of three-bedroom houses were the most dissatisfied with the number of socket outlets. Points out that many builders charge more to install an extra socket during building than a contractor would charge to add one.

Primary Author(s): Rea T

Source: Elect. Times, February 2002, 2 pp, 2 tabs.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103106 Abs 20020277

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