Air conditioning


Reviews some air conditioning developments employed in the UK - 1) The ceiling's the limit, Anon. Notes the increasing familiarity of chilled beams and ceilings and briefly explains their range of applicability. Notes design engineers fear that many users are missing out through poor understanding of the technology, and explains its advantages. 2) Underfloor cooling, Anon. Describes two developments in underfloor air conditioning and climate control. 3) Fresh thinking, Anon. Describes and illustrates a 13 kW heat pump split system which provides both demand-controlled ventilation and free cooling to ensure comfort conditions at low energy cost. It uses the zero-ODP refrigerant R407C. 4) Presents a review of some of the latest air conditioning equipment on the UK market.

Primary Author(s): Anon

Source: H and V News, 2 February 2002, 6-16.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103128 Abs 20020299

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