Thermal modelling techniques for large glazed enclosures. (in Italian)


Examines thermal modelling techniques employed for large glazed enclosures, such as urban sunspaces and proposes a method for characterising thermal comfort conditions in these spaces. Emphasises the necessary characteristics of the thermal simulation models in order to permit correct analysis of the thermal dynamics and the environmental variables. Goes on to deal with thermal comfort analysis in a large sunspace, considered as a passive system with natural ventilation, Concludes by describing a procedure for characterising the thermal conditions in the sunspace over the whole year.

Primary Author(s): Corgnati S P, Fracastoro G V

Source: Condiz. dell'Aria, January 2002, no.1, 54-63, 7 figs, 4 tabs, 12 refs.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000103487 Abs 20020591

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