Building Regulations Approved document A - Structure (1992 edition)

Building Regulations Approved Document A - Structure (1992 edition)
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This Building Regulations Approved Document which took effect on 1 June 1992, contains the following sections:


Loading and Ground Movement – The Requirement A1 and A2

•        Section 1: Sizes of structural elements for certain residential buildings and other small buildings of traditional construction

•        Section 1A: Basic requirements for stability

•        Section 1B: Sizes of timber floor, ceiling and roof members in single family houses

o        Application

o        The use of this section

o        Spans, sizes and spacings for timber members

•        Section 1C: Thickness of walls in certain small buildings

o        Application

o        Wall types

o        The use of this section

o        Thickness of walls

o        Conditions relating to the building of which walls form part

o        Conditions relating to the wall

o        Construction materials and workmanship

o        Loading on walls

o        End restraint

o        Openings, recesses, overhangs and chases

o        Lateral support by roofs and floors

o        Interruption of lateral support

o        External walls of small single storey non-residential buildings and annexes

•        Section 1D: Proportions of masonry chimneys above the roof surface

o        Height to width relationship

•        Section 1E: Strip foundations of strip concrete

o        Conditions relating to the sub-soil

o        Design provisions

o        Minimum width of strip foundations

•        Section 2: External wall cladding

•        Section 3: Re-covering of roofs

•        Section 4: Codes, standards and other references for all building types

o        Loading

o        Structural work of timber

o        Structural work of masonry

o        Structural work of reinforced, pre-stressed or plain concrete

o        Structural work of steel

o        Structural work of aluminium

o        Ground movement

o        Existing buildings


Disproportionate Collapse – The Requirement A3

•        Section 5: Reducing the sensitivity of the building tot disproportionate collapse in the event of an accident

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