Building thermal model reduction using nonlinear constrained optimisation


Presents an analysis of the impact of selected design alternatives on the thermal and energy performance of atriums.  States that computer simulation programs were used to predict the impact of design alternatives including fenestration glazing types, fenestration surface area, skylight shape, atrium type, and interaction of the atrium with adjacent spaces. Design performance outputs included seasonal solar heat gain ratio, cooling and heating peak load ratios and annual cooling, heating and total energy ratios.  States that design tools were developed to quantify the impact of the design alternatives on the performance outputs.

Primary Author(s): Atif M R, Galasiu A

Source: Bldg. Environ. December 2002, vol. 37, no. 12, 1289-1316, 18 figs., 1 tab., refs.

             BSRIA Abstract Doc 000104407 Abs 2002764

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