Rethinking Construction – The Egan Report


Rethinking Construction is the name of the report produced by Sir John Egan's Construction Task Force. The Report commissioned by John Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister, was published in July 1998. The central message of Rethinking Construction is that through the application of best practices, the industry and its clients can collectively act to improve their performance.

The Rethinking Construction report proposed the creation of a "movement for change" which would be a dynamic, inspirational, non-institutionalised body of people who truly believe in the need for radical improvement within the construction industry. The report led to further action to facilitate cultural change.  One such outcome was the launch of Movement for Innovation on 3 November 1998.

The report also encouraged the recognition that the industry can and indeed must do much better. This has led to a series of Demonstration Projects, which exemplify some of the innovations advocated in Sir John Egan's report Rethinking Construction which he produced as Chairman of the Construction Task Force. Many of the Demonstration Projects exceed Sir John Egan's targets in productivity, profits, defects and reduced accidents.

Primary author(s): Construction Task Force (Sir John Egan)

Source: Rethinking Construction

             July 1998

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