Technical report 34 ( third edition ) concrete industrial ground floors - a guide to design and ...


An updated edition of Technical Report 34, which provides guidance on the design and construction of industrial ground floors, has been issued by the Concrete Society ( March 2003 ). Thickness guidance is based on a limit state format. In addition, surface regularity requirements have been reviewed, joint terminology clarified, and the guidance on concrete specification is now in line with European standards. The report is in four parts: operating requirements, design aspects, concrete performance and component materials, and best practice in construction and maintenance. The appendices include a model design brief, a worked design example, and advice on: floor regularity, pile-sported slabs, and design with steel fabric reinforcement.

Primary author(s): Hulett T;Clarke J

Source: Concrete

             Vol.37, No.2, February 2003, p.22-29


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