Road vehicle impacts on buildings in the UK - regulation and risk


Guidance is given on draft European standards which assess the classification and design of buildings in terms of risks associated with vehicle impact ( European Prestandard ENV 1991-2-7:1997 ), and UK impact statistics are summarised. The proposals classify buildings into three categories according to the perceived severity of the damage resulting from the impact, and according to building use. Current UK practice specifies four categories. More complex analysis and design models are required for the highest risk buildings. Building damage in the UK has been collected since 1971, being classified as moderate, severe or very severe according to the resulting damage. Between 1985 and 2000, 838 significant impacts occurred, resulting in 449 deaths, of which only eight were building occupants.

Primary author(s): Ellis B R;Dillon P J

Source: Struct.Eng.

             Vol.81, No.3, 2003, p.36-40


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