Future of pulverised-fuel ash


Uses of pulverised fuel ash ( pfa ) from coal fired power stations are discussed. When 30% of the Portland cement content in concrete is replaced by pfa, the greenhouse gas emissions generated by cement production could be reduced by 17%, whilst the concrete long-term strength and durability are increased. Pfa may also be used as an aggregate and pozzolanic binder in lightweight concrete, and helps to produce highly cohesive self-compacting concrete. Recycled road building materials combined with pfa have been successfully used for the sub-base and base layers of new roads, the pfa acting as a filler/aggregate immediately after laying and as a binder in the longer-term. Pfa has also been used to fill disused mines and large caverns. 6 refs.

Primary author(s): Sear L

Source: Concrete

             Vol.37, No.2, February 2003, p.50-51


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