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Although aircrete products have been available in the UK for over 50 years, it is still seen by many as a “new” product.  Indeed, as with many new products, aircrete as a building material has much more to offer than is being utilised today.  H+H Celcon is at the forefront of innovation in masonry construction.  During the late 1990s the Celcon Thin-Joint System was launched with its own brand of mortar called Celfix.  This new approach to aircrete masonry enables huge productivity savings and provides the potential for significant increases in build quality.  During 1999, Celcon got closer to its holding company now called ‘H+H International A/S’.  Following the change, the holding company purchased aircrete manufacturing plants in Finland and Norway, whilst setting up a sales operation in Sweden.  This enabled H+H Celcon Limited in the UK to benefit from the experiences and product development in the Scandinavian countries, leading to innovations and exciting new products.

Technology taking us forward

Celcon was one of the first building products manufacturers to have its own UKAS approved laboratory.  In 1999, H+H Celcon Limited relocated its central laboratory from Essex to Borough Green in Kent into a brand new facility.  Originally set up over 30 years ago to pioneer developments in aircrete, the laboratory maintains a continuous programme of quality control, product testing and research and development.  It is amongst the few in the UK that has been accredited for thermal conductivity testing, allowing Celcon to confidently market its blocks as insulation units. 

H+H Celcon Limited has a policy of continual development in all aspects of the process, in new products and in new applications.  By playing an active part in European developments for new codes and standards, H+H Celcon Limited will remain in full compliance with the requirements when they are finally introduced to replace the existing British Standards. 

Quality assurance

All Celcon block factories have achieved BSI Quality Assurance status as set out in BS EN ISO 9002 (formerly BS 5750:Part 2).  H+H Celcon Limited is registered as a Firm of Assessed Capability and holds the appropriate certificates; copies of these certificates are available on request.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by H + H Celcon.

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