Celcon Aircrete Product Range

Celcon blocks’ combination of strength, moisture resistance and high thermal efficiency makes them the natural choice for cavity, solid, internal and party walls.  Celcon blocks are light and remarkably easy to work, saving time and money.


Celcon Foundation blocks combine strength with excellent thermal performance and are BBA certificated for use below DPC.  They are available in a range of thicknesses; 100mm and above for cavity and 190mm and above for solid wall construction.


Celcon Hi-Strength blocks combine strength, thermal performance and are lightweight and easy to lay.  They are ideally suited to building multi-storey buildings and are available for a variety of applications.

Plus and Jumbo Plus blocks

Produced at our new plant at Pollington, Plus and Jumbo Plus blocks are made to a size of 610 x 215mm and 610 x 270mm respectively (normal format is 440 x 215mm).  They are produced with the latest technology offering a high degree of dimensional accuracy with sharp arrises, which make them ideal for use with Celfix Mortar.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by H + H Celcon.

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