Influence of crowd size on floor vibrations induced by walking


The dynamic response of concrete floors to the passage of groups of up to 32 people was investigated. The floors were of flat slab construction and situated on the first-floor of a test building. An accelerometer and a displacement transducer were used to measure the vertical motion in the centre of the floor as different numbers of people either walked at a random pace or at a prescribed pace across the floor. The floor response increased with increasing group size, irrespective of the walking pace. For a given group size, walking at a pace to generate resonance did not always result in the largest response. In general, the maximum accelerations from a group were approximately double those generated by an individual. The implications of this observation on the serviceability acceptability criterion of BS 6472 are discussed. 15 refs.

Primary author(s): Ellis B R

Source: Struct.Eng.

             Vol.81, No.6, 2003, p.20-27


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