Beetham Tower, Liverpool - innovation in climbing formwork


A formwork and climbing system was developed for concrete high-rise construction in areas where high winds may disrupt work by preventing cranes from lifting and re-locating wall formwork. External platforms are raised on tracks which are connected to the walls, whilst standard wall formwork is mounted on rolling equipment which runs on guide rails mounted on the platforms. The tracks are bolted to the wall, each platform having two sets, the lower set being removed on the completion of casting and fixed above the platform at the next level to be cast. The internal system consists of supporting frames, corner panels, levelling jacks and flipper shoes which sit in pocket formers cast into the walls to support the platform. The system is being used for a 10-storey hotel complex. Track re-positioning takes approximately seven minutes, and raising the platform/wall form to the next position takes approximately five minutes.

Primary author(s): Smith D

Source: Concrete

             Vol.37, No.5, 2003, p.6-11


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