Recycling steel slag in structural clay bodies


The feasibility of recycling steel slags in the production of heavy clay products was assessed through semi-industrial tests examining the effects on the various production phases  and on the microstructural and technological properties of the products.  The introduction of 2-4% steel slag does not impair the performance of the clay bodies during the moulding phase and in many cases benefits drying; it does not have any significant influence on the microstructure, chemical stability and technological properties of the products.  The main limits concerning the addition of steel slag to the clay bodies mainly concern the particle size of the residue, which must be <3 mm, and the quantity of magnetic component present, which must be low in order to avoid problems during body preparation and extrusion.  5 refs.

Primary author(s): Dircetti G; Dondi M; Ercolani G; Guarini G; Mazzanti F;


Source: Ind.Laterizi


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