New Addendum for ICE Contracts Makes Partnering Easier


The latest addition to the ICE Conditions of Contract, launched May 2003, greatly facilitates multi-party partnering and proves that they are at the forefront of best practice and modern procurement methods. The Conditions of Contract Standing Joint Committee (CCSJC) has responded to industry demand by issuing a standardised framework that will seem familiar to users.

The ICE Conditions of Contract Partnering Addendum aims to deliver the intentions of Latham and Egan by establishing an effective and flexible mechanism for multi-party partnering using ICE Conditions of Contract, ACE Agreements 2002 and CECA Forms of Subcontract.

The documents govern the implementation of the partnering arrangement and the relationship between the Partners. It may include any documents that are applicable to all parties (e.g. code of conduct) and may include any requirements for:

  • use of common information systems, sharing of offices
  • attendance at Partners’ and Core Group meetings
  • participation in partnering workshops
  • arrangements for joint design development
  • value engineering and value management
  • risk management
  • joint performance management and monitoring, including compliance measurement
  • other matters that the Core Group manages

By linking the Partnering Addendum to appropriate Bi-Party contracts, it is intended that the arrangements can be used for:

  • partnering for any number of projects (i.e. single project or programme of works)
  • the duration of a term contract
  • projects nationally and internationally using UK law
  • projects for civil engineering work also involving other disciplines
  • projects of any size

The partnering arrangement is sufficiently flexible to accommodate:

  • additional Partners (disciplines) as the project progresses
  • all phases of the project development
  • a party entering into more than one Bi-Party contract

Chairman of CCSJC David Hodgkinson said,
`The Partnering Addendum is a major step forward for those who wish to Partner using ICE Conditions of Contract. With an upfront relationship, clients, consultants and contractors can look forward to performance improvements and cost savings. The publication of the Partnering Addendum confirms that ICE Conditions of Contract are non-adversarial’.

The Partnering Addendum is available from the ICE bookshop priced £5.

Primary author(s): Institute of Civil Engineers

Source: Institute of Civil Engineers
Press Release 15 May 2003

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