Confusing requirements creates a smoke screen over insulated chimneys


Fire safety issues relating to the passage of flues through combustible floor and roof constructions in domestic dwellings are discussed. The ignition of adjacent combustible materials by heat conduction from abnormally hot flues can be prevented by leaving an air gap, but such a gap facilitates the spread of fire between rooms. Firestopping may be provided by using a solid metal plate to position the flue centrally within a hole in the floor. Ventilated plates do not satisfy integrity requirements unless used in conjunction with fibre fire stopping, or if used within a non-combustible enclosure. Ventilated plates containing intumescent material are now available, which automatically seal when the design temperature is exceeded.

Primary author(s): Jackman P E

Source: Build.Eng.

             June, 2003, p.26-27


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