Preparing for climate change impacts in Norway's built environment


A review of government climate change policy, predicted climate changes and the implications of these changes in Norway. Over the next 50 years it is predicted that temperatures may increase by about 2°C, along with significant increases in rainfall and wind speeds. The influences of rain, wind and sun on building degradation vary according to the materials involved, and it is concluded that further information is required to design buildings which will be resistant to more aggressive climates. An assessment of the current built environment is required, as the drive for cost reduction, and implementation of standard building practices rather than building to suit the local environment, may have adversely affected the durability of existing structures. 35 refs.

Primary author(s): Liso K R;Aandahl G;Eriksen S;Alfsen K H

Source: Build.Res.Inf.

             Vol.31, No.3/4, May/Aug. 2003, p.200-209


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