Use of processing machines for the production of clay roofing tiles and facade slabs


A plant for the production of clay roofing tiles and facade  slabs is described.  A machine was developed for the plane grinding of the head sides of tiles, in order to obtain a precisely even and adequately wide standing base.  The tiles  can then be fired upright and contact-free in H-cassettes.  The advantages of contact-free firing by upright setting are  noted.  The grinding is carried out in three stations using corundum discs.  A sawing and calibration plant for facade slabs, designed to maintain prescribed tolerances and obtain  an edge free from cracks and explosive-type breaks, is described.  Special milling and drilling machines for the treatment of firing cassettes are also presented.  Technical  data are included. 1 ref.

Primary author(s): Wassmer M

                            Wassmer Gruppe Spezialmaschinen GmbH

Source: ZI Int.


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