Neutron reflectometry for the investigation of multilayer coatings for building applications


The collimated neutron beam impinges on the flat surface of  an air coating substrate system at grazing angle and the neutron reflectance spectrum is recorded.  The structure of the analysed coating is then obtained from this spectrum and  by applying the classical Fresnel laws of reflections.  Neutron reflectometry has been extensively used for evaluating thickness and density of thin films of different materials deposited on flat glass as single or multilayers.   This technique also allows the evaluation of the roughness between adjacent layers.  The main goal is the preparation of a database containing the density of the materials composing the single and multilayers produced by the industry on flat glass for building applications.  10 refs.

Primary author(s): Battaglin G; Menelle A; Montecchi M; Nichelatti E; Polato P

                            Venice,University; Laboratoire Leon Brillouin; ENEA-CRE;

Source: Glass Technol.


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