Commissioning of air systems in buildings


Writes to enable building operators 1) to compare their building with current recommended practice, 2) to identify whether occupant complaints are caused by poor control and 3) to rectify controls-related problems. Demonstrates the influence of building controls on indoor environmental quality (IEQ) in terms of temperature, humidity and ventilation. Deals with each of these factors in separate chapters. Provides recommendations for control practice, control setpoints, control sensors and control zones. A 'building surgery' deals with a range of typical occupant complaints and supplies a flowchart of procedures for each set of related complaints to determine if they are controls-related. Presents case studies demonstrating practical problems and their solutions, along with recommendations and tips for each IEQ factor.

Primary Author(s): Fletcher J

Source: BSRIA March 1998, Application Guide AG 3/89.2, 56pp, 33 figs, 9 refs.

             BSRIA Abstract No. 9800683

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