Variable speed pumping in heating and cooling circuits


Sets out a methodology for the design of heating and cooling systems with variable speed pumping. States these are systems where pump speed is varied in response to changing heating or cooling demand. The outputs from terminals are normally varied by the throttling action of two-port control valves. Pump speed is then controlled to match the water flow requirements of the terminals as closely as possible., Provides a step-by-step design procedure, explains the theory underlying the design procedure and describes the alternative solutions which might be considered. Section headings are - Introduction, problems with pump speed control, Differential pressure control valves and constant flow regulators, Control valves in variable flow circuits, Pipework design and pump selection, Design procedure.

Primary Author(s): Parsloe C J

Source: BSRIA, May 1999, Application Guide AG 14/99, 61pp, 27 figs, 1 tab.

             BSRIA Abstract No. 9901045

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