Condition-based maintenance using non-destructive testing


Presents a guide to the application of non-destructive testing (NDT) in condition monitoring regimes. Examines six, established NDT techniques, describing the testing methods and the effectiveness of each method in detecting faults in different types of building services plant. Provides guidance on the cost-effectiveness of each method. Lists relevant standards and suggests further reading. Includes details of trial applications. Briefly describes five, innovative inspection methods which have potential for use in condition-based maintenance. Includes three condition monitoring fact sheets as case studies. Chapter headings are - Introduction, Acoustic emissions, Vibration analysis, Thermography, Power quality, Lubricant and fluid analysis, Ultrasonic testing, Novel NDT techniques, BSRIA'S CBM services, Case studies.

Primary Author(s): Pearson C, Seaman A

Source: BSRIA January 2003, Application Guide AG 1/2003, 52pp, 28 figs, 5 tabs

             BSRIA Abstract No. 20030376

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