The visual environment in lecture, teaching and conference rooms


Offers advice on the lighting of lecture theatres, teaching rooms, conference rooms and multi-purpose rooms  and on the visual problems that may arise. Covers lighting equipment and positioning as well as - the  decoration and finishes of rooms, sightlines, the positioning of lighting controls and access doors. Takes  account of the problems that occur with re-lighting or redecorating existing rooms and covers emergency  lighting and the lighting of spaces immediately adjacent to teaching rooms. Section headings are -  Introduction, Lecture theatres and lecture rooms, Teaching rooms, Large conference rooms, Committee  rooms, Multi-purpose rooms, Adjoining spaces - corridors, lobbies, ante-rooms etc., Emergency lighting,  Maintenance. The management of lecture and conference spaces. Supplies further information in appendices.

Primary Author(s): Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers

Source: CIBSE, Lighting Guide 5, LG5 1991, 55pp, figs, tabs, 628.977.7:727.054.2

             BSRIA Abstract No. 9101526

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