Low temperature air cooling design considerations


Notes that low temperature air cooling systems can deliver air to spaces at between 3degC and 11degC, in  contrast to conventional cooling systems, with temperatures of 13degC to 15degC. The reduced supply  temperature leads to a lower conditioned air volume requirement and a consequent reduction in plant and  duct size. Furthermore, energy costs can be reduced, particularly when low temperature air systems are  linked to some form of thermal storage which uses off-peak electrical power. Supplies guidelines to the use  of low temperature air systems, with particular emphasis on room air movement. The guidelines have been  developed from computer-based predictions of the thermal environment in a typical two-person office,  cooled by low-temperature air supplied by slot diffusers. In addition gives an analysis of the potential  occurrence of condensation.

Primary Author(s): Rose:P:M., Alamdari:F.

Source: BSRIA 1992, Technical Note TN 1/92, 20pp, 10 figs, 1 tab, 8 refs

             BSRIA Abstract No. 9300443

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