Lightning protection of buildings and their contents - a review of current practice


Outlines the British Standard Code of Practice with regard to the lightning protection of buildings and their  contents and considers in more detail the protection of the electronic and electrical equipment found in  modern offices and production facilities - primarily computers but also telephones, fax machines, modems,  fire alarms, burglar alarms and building energy management systems. Also outlines the other approach to  this problem, which tries to ensure that electronic and electrical equipment is made to be resilient to voltage  surges, so that it could for example tolerate a surge in the mains voltage caused by a lightning flash a  kilometre distance away. States this is under international discussion but will come into British law under the  umbrella of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations 1992 as standards are agreed in Europe. Chapter  headings are - Lightning and thunderstorms, British standards, Other guidance on protection of buildings,  Electrical and electronic equipment, Maintenance and inspection, Thunderstorm data, Further information,  References and further reading.

Primary Author(s): Johansson:M.

Source: BSRIA 1994, Technical Note TN 1/94, 41pp, 6 figs, 10 tabs

             BSRIA Abstract No. 9400510

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