Lighting for museums and art galleries


Writes for architects, interior designers and lighting designers. Presents one of a collection of publications  produced by the CIBSE which deals with different aspects of lighting design. Focusses on lighting design for  museums and art galleries and provides specialist advice. Aims to draw attention to the important  considerations that the designer needs to address Supplies some design examples. Section headings are -  Introduction and scope, Lighting the gallery or museum space, Lighting the display, Lighting and  conservation, Display case lighting, Lighting and historic buildings, lighting for special displays, Lighting  specific classes of exhibit, Energy efficiency, maintenance and costs.

Primary Author(s): Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers

Source: CIBSE 1994, Lighting Guide LG8, 56pp, figs, refs, 628.973.4:727.5:727.6

             BSRIA Abstract No. 9401234

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