Relationships for smoke control calculations


Presents a source document for design guidance, providing engineering relationships which can be used as  part of the overall fire safety design of buildings with atria and other spaces where large number of people  may be exposed to smoke, toxic atmospheres and hot gases. Summarises the current state of knowledge of  the engineering relationships for smoke movement which can be taken into account when designing smoke  detection and control systems. Chapter headings are - The hazards of smoke, Design fire, Plumes,  Accumulated ceiling layer, Methods of smoke and heat management, General design parameters for smoke  management systems, Appendices.

Primary Author(s): Chart. Inst. Bldg. Serv. Engr.,

Source: CIBSE 1995, Technical Memoranda 19, 22pp, 6 figs, 6 tabs, 36 refs, sp

             BSRIA Abstract No. 9601157

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