Displacement ventilation and chilled ceilings


States that in recent years the application of displacement ventilation systems and chilled ceilings in the  office environment has gained popularity in the UK and is increasingly replacing the traditional mixed flow  ventilation and cooling strategies. Although displacement ventilation and chilled ceiling systems individually  have been used on the Continent for many years, their combined performance and effectiveness has been in  doubt. Describes a programme of work undertaken by BSRIA to investigate whether it is feasible to combine  displacement ventilation systems and chilled ceiling devices while still maintaining adequate levels of  thermal comfort and a predominant upward air movement. The investigations were based on physical  measurements and numerical modelling using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques. Supplies and  analyses the results of the comparative environmental performance assessment.

Primary Author(s): Alamdari:F., Eagles:N.

Source: BSRIA 1996, Technical Note TN 2/96, 28pp, 32 figs, 4 tabs, 10 refs

             BSRIA Abstract No. 9600078

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