Construction with Old Tyres


Constructing buildings from old tyres is not a new thing. The technique has been developed over the last 30 years in the United States but the first building made from car tyres in Britain began construction in April 2003 near Brighton by the Low Carbon Network.

Earthship Brighton is designed to be ultra low carbon. All CO2 emissions during construction and any minor emissions during use will be compensated for by reforestation,  making the building one of the first Carbon Balanced developments.

Dubbed ‘Earthships’, these buildings are made from old car tyres hand packed with rubble and dirt then stacked to create walls. In addition to providing relief from a massive waste problem (the UK alone discards more than 40 million tyres every year), Earthships are solar powered buildings that use the sun's energy and rain to provide heat, power and water. Without the use of greenhouse gas emitting power stations or mains water and waste services they are also cheap to run.

Source:  Earthship Brighton
May 2003

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