Evaluation of solar fraction on north partition wall for various shapes of solarium by Auto-Cad


The distribution of solar energy inside solariums of various designs was determined for New Delhi, India, using Auto-CAD 2000, to predict the passive heating characteristics. The shapes studied included: even span, modified arch, vinery and modified IARI. Calculations were done for a typical day of each month of the year. It was shown that solar energy had an important role at low altitude for heating during the winter months. It was concluded that the modified arch shape was suitable for thermal cooling throughout the year, whilst the uneven span shape was most suitable for thermal cooling in winter and heating in the summer. 16 refs.

Primary author(s): Tiwari G N;Gupta A;Gupta R

Source: Energy Build.

             Vol.35, No.5, 2003, p.507-514


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