European brick and roofing tile production in 2001


Statistics for brick and tile production in Europe are presented. Brick production trends in 8 European countries (Germany; Belgium; France; England; Italy; Holland; Switzerland; Spain) in 2001 are shown.  Housing construction  trends and brick elements for building over the period 1995-2001 are also shown.  After the great leap forward made  in brick production in 2000, 2001 heralded the start of a negative phase.  The housing construction sector came to a halt, Whilst certain countries, notably Spain, continue to show some progress, other countries are feeling the brunt of  the difficult economic situation.  Competing construction materials appear to be gaining ground on brick, since the fall in building activity is not as great as the fall in brick production.

Primary author(s): Ciriachi C


Source: Ind.Laterizi


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