SIPTEC Building System - Manual for Using Structural Insulated Panels

This is an instruction manual for the construction of houses using structural insulated panels ( SIP ), which consist of wood-based outer layers with a core of cellular polyurethane insulation. Panels are supplied sized in multiples of 1200 mm.

Issues covered by the manual include:

•        skills requirements

•        site planning

•        tool requirements

•        adhesive, fastener and sealant requirements

•        panel storage on site

•        foundations

•        commencing construction by placing the first two panels

•        attachment of subsequent panels

•        completing corners

•        creation of openings in the panels

•        construction of the second floor and gables

•        roofing

•        installation of wiring and plumbing

•        fitting windows and doors

•        achievement of airtightness

•        interior finishing with plasterboard

•        fitting of cabinets and skirting boards

•        control of indoor air quality

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by SIPTEC & SIPCRETE.

For more information on this source, please visit SIPTEC & SIPCRETE.


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