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   Company Background

PermaRock has been established for over 25 years and has a wide range of experiences with installing wall insulation and rendering systems to properties throughout the UK

PermaRock’s philosophy of bringing performance and experience together with quality and innovation has enabled the development of an exciting portfolio of products that acknowledge the requirements of the designer.  This enables the creation of attractive, innovative and energy efficient buildings that are aesthetically pleasing and functional, economical and ecological.

PermaRock’s unique partnership with Caparol, Europe’s leading designer of high performance architectural façades systems, high performance exterior coatings and interior finishes enables them to deliver the very latest in European advances in insulation, render and coatings technology.  This means you can expect outstanding performance against any and every benchmark.

PermaRock Product Ltd offers an innovative range of façade systems for the refurbishment of traditional and non-traditional, low rise and high rise buildings.

External Wall Insulation Systems

  • Mineral Fibre System
    • fire-safe mineral fibre
  • Expanded Polystyrene System ( EPS )
    • lightweight low density insulation
  • Phenolic System
    • high thermal resistance, rigid phenolic foam
  • Lamella System
    • fire-safe mineral fibre Lamella insulation board system
  • Track System
    • for use with either fire-safe mineral fibre or EPS

The systems come with mechanical and adhesive fixings apart from the Track system which uses a track or rail fixing system.

Render Systems

  • Permarend & Permarend TC
    • mineralic polymer modified cementitious render system. Weatherproof, waterproof, impact resistant, breathable.
  • Thermarend
    • incorporates polystyrene spheres in a cementitious matrix. Adheres to most substrate types. Heat loss resistant.
  • ZF Rend
    • cement-free thin coat lightweight fibre reinforced weatherproof render.  Crack resistant, flexible.  Suitable for ventilated facades and sheathing boards of framed constructions.
  • Capalect Sanierputz
    • specialist render for efflorescing or moisture retentive substrates
  • Scratch Render
    • based on natural limestone. Provides scraped finish or stone effects including rustication, ashlar or simulated blockwork.


  • Cap-elast
    • plasto-elastic crack-bridging coatings with excellent levelling, filling and covering power.  Waterproof and pollution resistant.
  • Disbon & Disbocrete
    • anti-carbonate and anti-chloride ingress protection for fair-faced, textured and exposed aggregate concrete
  • Sylitol range
    • pure and polymer modified silicate coatings based on mineral paint technology.  For restoration of monuments and historic buildings.
  • Amphisilan
    • micro-porous silicone dispersion coatings with water repellent, breathable properties. For masonry, rendered or plastered surfaces. Water thinnable, low odour, ecologically compatible.
  • Amphibolin 2000 & Amphibolin W
    • acrylic coatings for brickwork, natural and synthetic stone, render, plastic and metal surfaces

There is an extensive colour range.

Technical Services

•        Pre-contract services

•        U value calculations

•        Specifications

•        Design concepts

•        Guarantees

•        Permaguard


Contact Details                                 

PermaRock Products Ltd

Jubilee Drive


Leicestershire LE11 5TW

T +44 (0) 1509 262924

F +44(0) 1509 230063

[email protected]

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             September 2003

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