Beany Block – concrete blocks for a combined kerb and drainage system


The Beany Block is a unique, patented kerb and drainage system which enables the Highway Engineer to produce more efficient and economical drainage designs for all types of roads, car parks and service areas. The system has been adopted by the Department of Transport for use on its Trunk Roads and Motorways. Beany Blocks comply with the Department of Transport Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works(1) and the strength test requirements in the draft European Standard prEN 1433(2). 

The Beany concrete block system was developed in response to the problems which originally faced the author when having to design a major road scheme in an urban area partly on the site of a former gas works and having to contend with old cellars, services, sewers, and tar wells.

This symposium paper (142 Kb PDF) shows how the Marshalls’ Beany Block offers an economical combined kerb and drainage system large enough to cater for storm design, strong enough to withstand loadings imposed by both road and construction traffic and versatile enough to carry flows beneath carriageways and vehicular crossings at sufficient depth to prevent damage to the system and inhibit reflective carriageway surface cracking. 

It also discusses the Max – E – Channel surface water drainage system. This linear drainage system is an extension of the Beany Block System in which the same Base Units, outfalls, silt traps and ancillary fittings are used with a choice of Gratings of varying materials and strengths to give linear drainage systems level with the pavement surface. 

Primary author(s): N. Beanland C.Eng, M.I.C.E., M.I.H.T., Dip T.E.Independent Consultant Specialising In Drainage Systems

 Source: Marshalls Technical Symposia and Exhibition ‘98

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