Future of masonry – European Standards and Marshalls ideas for the future


The most dominant factor in the development of masonry will be the introduction of European Standards, which will have a fundamental effect on the production, testing and sale of building materials.

This symposium paper (300 Kb PDF) considers current developments in masonry in the light of developing European and British standards.  A detailed comparison between British and European standards are tabled in a set of Appendices. (1.9 KB PDF)

There has never been a British Standard for linear drainage. The only specifications that exist are client based, such as those drafted by the Highways Agency. The majority of manufacturers of linear drainage channels in the UK refer to the German National Standard DIN 19580(1). It was this document that formed the basis of the first draft of the European Standard for linear drainage.

CEN Technical Committee, TC 165 - WG4, had been appointed to cover waste water engineering outside buildings. It was responsible for drafting BS EN 124(2) whose scope covered manhole covers and gully grates. This Committee has also been given the responsibility to draft a European Standard for linear drainage and in August 1994 produced the first draft for public comment entitled pr EN 1433 "Drainage Channels for Vehicular and Pedestrian Areas"


Primary author(s): S. E. Bell, Dip. ARCH. RIBA. MIM

Source: Marshalls Insight Technical Symposia and Exhibition ‘98

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