Future in drainage – European Standards and Marshalls ideas for the future


In relation to drainage, Marshalls has work in progress to publish provisional European Standard prEN 1433. We all need to have an understanding of these new European Standards and how their requirements will differ from the existing British Standards with which we are all used to working.  

This symposium paper (186 Kb PDF) discusses the influence of European standards on linear drainage.  It includes the Construction Products Directive ( CPD ) and the work of the CEN Technical committee towards prEN 1433 "Drainage Channels for Vehicular and Pedestrian Areas". 

As there has never been a British Standard for linear drainage it is important for any specifier or contractor who becomes involved with linear drainage to have an understanding of this document. A brief outline of the clauses given in this draft standard is included in Appendix 1.  

By definitions given in this standard, there are three types of linear drainage; grid unit, slot unit and kerb unit. Relating these to the Marshalls range of drainage systems these become:-

  • Grid Unit – Birco , Keydrain, Drivedrain
  • Slot Units - Max-E-Channel, Birco CG
  • Kerb Unit - Beany® Block

Marshalls are committed to ensuring that, as this standard is only published once, sufficient regard has been given to the concerns expressed. They wish to ensure that drainage channel systems, once on the market, are fit for their intended purpose and offer low degrees of maintenance.


Primary author(s): D. A. Morrell BSc., Miht,Drainage Products Manager

Source: Marshalls Technical Symposia and Exhibition ‘98


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