Ground granulated blastfurnace slag, an environmental cement without compromise


This symposium paper (1.6 Mb PDF) gives details of how GGBS significantly improves the durability and performance of concrete while reducing the impact on the environment of the materials used in the construction process.

The use of Ground Granulated Blastfurnace Slag ( GGBS ) has increased in recent years both nationally and internationally to the point where the majority of specifications include GGBS as an option and many as a requirement. The reason for the growth is partly commercial but mainly is due to improved performance.

The paper looks at the development of GGBS and its manufacture, usage ( both common and precast ) and availability. It examines some of the environmental issues and considers the properties and performance of GGBS in relation to well known factors such as freeze thaw, temperature rise, sulphate attack and Alkali Silica Reaction ( ASR ).


Primary author(s): M.D. CONNELL F.I.C.T. , F.I.H.I.E., I.Eng., M.I.A.T.

Source: Marshalls Insight Technical Symposia and Exhibition ‘98

             Appleby Group Ltd.

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