Repair maintenance and cleaning of hard surfaces – the reinstatement of modular surfacing material


A comprehensive survey of repair, maintenance, reinstatement and cleaning practices to do with a variety of surfaces including blocks, flags, foamed concrete, and flexibly laid surfaces.

The symposium paper (443 Kb PDF) looks at trench fill methods and prevention of breakages.  It covers a long list of cleaning problems: general dirt; moss, lichens and algae; rust, oil, bitumen, epoxy and polyester stains; graffiti and paint, smoke, fire and tobacco staining, drink and chewing gum, and tyre scuff marks.

The long time bugbears of efflorescence and lime staining are also discussed and the paper finishes with a review on the use of mechanical sweepers on paved areas.

Primary author(s): R. E. Abell, BA Hons

Source: Marshalls Insight Technical Symposia and Exhibition ‘98

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