Products to prevent air leakage from fireplaces and attic stairs


One of the keys to effective household insulation and minimising home energy costs is ensuring that air leaks are minimal. Two large problem areas are the fireplace and folding attic stairs. To combat this, Battic Door Attic Stair Covers have introduced a Fireplace Draftstopper to complement their popular Attic Stair Cover.

The Draftstopper is a low cost, inflatable air pillow that is inserted into the fireplace when not in use. It is easily removed when the fireplace is used and quickly reinstalled after. The simple installation process consists of merely inflating the pillow, inserting it and placing a supporting tee.

The Battic Door Attic Stair Covers reduce air leakage between the house and the attic which saves on heating/cooling costs and losses. The cover is installed by folding the cover into shape, placing weatherstripping on the attic stair frame and dropping the cover down onto the weatherstripping. The cover then embeds into the weatherstripping, which creates an air seal. Combining this with newly introduced R-7 reflective or R-50 insulation kits restores the insulation removed when the stairs were installed and maximizes performance.


Primary author(s): Battic Door

Source: KIBT News

            News Id 307 21 October 2003

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