RIBA Bookshops: Treehouses A Practical & Inspirational Guide


Author: John Harris

Collins & Brown

October 2003

Code: 33445


176 pages

Price: £17.99

Once the preserve of children, the treehouse is experiencing a renaissance. Today’s treehouses are a far cry from the small and unstable affairs you might remember from your childhood. These are beautiful retreats nestled in the branches. Inside and out they are designed with the best materials to offer comfort and repose and fit in with their surroundings, the tree itself becoming a part of the interior. Complete with wonderful views and surrounded by the restful sound of foliage in the breeze the modern treehouse is swiftly becoming a phenomenon. This beautiful book presents an inspirational selection of treehouses, showing just how far people have taken the idea. Including whole complexes connected by rope bridges, treehouse offices, playrooms, and bars, Treehouses shows amazing interiors as well as giving details on how to plan your perfect place in the sky.

Source: RIBA Bookshops

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