Robust Standard Details as an alternative to pre-completion testing


Consultation on Robust Standard Details - Front cover  Acrobat PDF file: size 73Kb 73 Kb

Part 1 - Partial Regulatory Impact Assessment  Acrobat PDF file: size 223Kb 223 Kb

Part 2a  Acrobat PDF file: size 912Kb 912 Kb

•     Proposal for an RSD management board

•     Outline of the complaints procedure

•     RSD specification sheets and checklists ( Sound Insulation )

o        Structure and content of RSDs

o        Summary list of RSD separating walls

o        Summary list of RSD separating floors

o        RSD separating wall and separating floor compatibility matrix for apartments

o        RSD separating walls

•        Masonry

Part 2b  Acrobat PDF file: size 1185Kb 1185 Kb

•        Masonry (cont)

Part 2c  Acrobat PDF file: size 1275Kb 1275 Kb

•        Masonry (cont)

•        Timber

Part 2d  Acrobat PDF file: size 1304Kb 1304 Kb

•        Timber (cont)

•        Steel

o        RSD separating floors

•        Concrete

Part 2e  Acrobat PDF file: size 1429Kb 1429 Kb

•        Concrete (cont)

•        Timber

•        Steel

o        Glossary

o        Submission of new candidate RSDs

Part 2f  Acrobat PDF file: size 466Kb 466 Kb

•     Appendix A

•     Appendix B

•     Appendix C

•     The consultation criteria


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