Natureed - a natural textured cladding material


Natureed is a new, beautiful, versatile natural reed cladding product. It is bound with galvanised wire, tough and highly resistant to termites and moisture.

Created from natural and fully sustainable resources, Natureed can be used for both internal and external projects. With a warm chestnut colour, it is easy to work with and can be cut with a saw or secateurs and applied singly, or in multiple layers.

Natureed is ideal for cladding old fences or walls, creating elegant overhead shade for patios, outdoor decks, pergolas, swimming pools etc, softening or complementing modern wall structures. Internally it can be used to give a textured, natural look to ceilings, walls, door or cupboard inserts and to give a Balinese ambience to ceilings. It also makes excellent natural textured lamp shades.


Primary author(s): House of Bamboo

Source: KIBT News

            No 330 5 November 2003

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